La Prospera-Zanza

Eastern Po Valley, Emilia-Romagna region


La Prospera 104.87 km2 (25,914 acres)
Zanza 4.89 km2 (1,208 acres)


Permit (La Prospera), Application (Zanza)

AleAnna Working Interest

85% (Petrorep 15%)


La Prospera (LaP) was originally owned and operated by Northsun Italia SpA. When the Gradizza-1 well was proposed, AleAnna participated in La Prospera and the well at 10% interest. After the Gradizza discovery, Northsun Italia SpA proposed applying for Zanza due to similar Pleistocene potential, with the same working interests. After the well was drilled, AleAnna purchased PVE’s share of both properties. Several Pleistocene leads have been identified on 2D seismic. The Vignola-1 well in NW/4 tested gas at 2.4 MMCFgas/day (Upper Pliocene) but was not completed.