Natural Gas – The Energy Bridge to a Greener Future

Natural gas is our main energy source with a low environmental impact.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Clean burning and usable in many forms for transportation, chemical feedstocks, home heating and industrial uses. Natural Gas is a clean gas and less polluting than coal and less invasive to the earth’s surface than wind farms or solar panel fields.

  • Reliability

    Solar and wind derived power have problems with energy deliverability, particularly in peak power periods. Neither solar or wind power is practical for use in transportation using existing battery technologies. Gas is reliable for transportation and power generation.

  • Easily Transported

    Widely and safely transported as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), or by buried pipeline systems. It is often compressed and stored and can be quickly utilized in periods of peak power usage such as extreme weather conditions of heat or cold.

  • Specific Italian issues

    Italy has a significant history of Natural Gas production and currently has an underutilized national Gas pipeline system. Italy’s heavy reliance on imported Gas, importing more than 90% of its consumption, creates political and security challenges. Abundant undiscovered Natural Gas is available in Italy. Natural gas produced in Italy would reduce imports of gas, increase government revenues, and decrease gas prices to consumers.

  • The AleAnna Advantage

    AleAnna uses modern technology to identify the gas before drilling, drills the minimum number of wells, and employs technology to minimize the impact on the environment.

  • AleAnna's Italian Focus

    AleAnna is focused on delivering Natural Gas from Italy for Italy in an environmentally responsible manner at the lowest possible costs. We have a significant footprint entirely in Italy and are committed to increasing gas production in Italy for Italy.