Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

AleAnna conducts its E&P business fully aware of its responsibilities regarding employees and the environment and seeks to manage projects and field operations with a systematic approach. AleAnna strives to make continuous improvements fostering the protection of the environment and of those who work at our sites or live near our work sites in a manner that is respectful of local customs and cultures.

We believe safeguarding employee’s health, safety, welfare and safeguarding the environment by improving and promoting environmentally sensitive products and services
and preventing pollution are fundamental in all activities which create our corporate values. With this aim, AleAnna shall always promote environmental enhancements in engineering, construction, drilling, production and insure all operations are executed in a safe and sustainable way.

It is AleAnna’s policy to:

  • utilize recognized Models of Management System to continually progress our operational performance

  • ensure compliance with all legal requirements of the host countries and AleAnna will seek and align with industrial best practices

  • identify, eliminate or otherwise control HSE risks arising from activities and mitigate impacts in building, managing and decommissioning assets

  • work closely with authorities, associations and other Operators in the host country

  • communicate HSE responsibilities and ensure AleAnna’s employees are informed of their role both in relation to prevention measures and response plans in emergency situations

  • promote effective employee, contractor and stakeholder participation in HSE issues and programs related to our operations through open communication and public reporting of performance

We expect everyone representing AleAnna at all levels of the organization to understand the Company’s commitment and to proactively support our timely and successful implementation of HSE plans and policies.Sioux Sinnott, Executive Director